LTC Equipments

Safe Hands Pharmacy has a large selection of medical supplies and equipment. Call our customer service department immediately if you require any medical equipment or supplies or if you have a query. Our experts will make getting the equipment you need as simple as possible, including billing.

State-of-the-Art IV Pumps

This method is intended to assist doctors in achieving up to 100% drug library use adherence, reducing infusion-related medication errors, and removing redundant alarms. In reality, the system has demonstrated lower rectification rates. It has also shown full utilization of the pharmacological library and nearly no medication errors. It’s the first cordless, logic-driven, unified IV pump technology system IHE certified for all three AutoComplete integration functions: Auto-Programming, Auto-Documentation, and Auto-Notification. Safe Hands Pharmacy provides a lot of this type of equipment.

Medication Management Carts

Modern medication storage and management require an appealing, flexible medication cart design with maximum capacity, sturdy construction, and quality workflow attachments. Our pharmaceutical carts are more than just storage; they’re also your caregiver. They’ll be tailored to your specific approach to patient care, delivering precisely what you need, when you need it.

Other Equipment

All long-term care facilities must meet a particular standard. According to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Long-Term Care Home Policy, all institutions must provide a minimum number of commodities, equipment, materials, and services.  Nursing supplies and equipment, elimination and toileting equipment, skin and wound management supplies and equipment, basic hygiene and grooming supplies and equipment, infection control and prevention supplies, and equipment to support residential programming are all included. Safe Hands ensures that all establishments that require medical equipment receive the highest quality available.

Our Core Values

Safe Hands Pharmacy is dedicated to making a difference in the community. Safe Hands Pharmacy & Wellness Experts is a modernized pharmacy concept that sells pharmaceuticals following the highest industry standards. Here, we guarantee that everything our customers purchase is genuine. We’ll make sure that genuine medicines and wellness items are always available, that they’re kept inexpensive in perfect conditions and that knowledgeable, compassionate pharmacists provide them.


Our professional invoice staff will account for all claims. To ensure accuracy and prompt reimbursement, all billing is done online.


We package medications in one-time-use containers. All medicines are provided in sealed containers that allow for certain products to be refrigerated.


E-Kits are manufactured as a customized emergency supply of oral, injectable, IV, and refrigerated drugs following Title 22 standards.


Pharmacists verify orders, with medicine identification imprinted on the label and barcoding technology utilized to help prevent pharmaceutical errors.

Key Benifits

Safe Hands Pharmacy offers a wide range of services. Pharmaceutical services, custom E-kits, and expert clinical consultations are all attainable with us. We provide fair pricing and are dedicated to providing a higher level of service. Pharmacy services, medication recordkeeping, and ongoing education are all handled by us.

Tips Straight From Pharmacists

Security is something that every patient deserves, so don’t be scared to ask for it. There are private consultation places, and you can always contact us for consultation. You can also request that we handle your medications in a specific way. Ask why your doctor or pharmacist believes a drug is safe for you, as they are a far more credible source than the Internet. Make your health a priority and seek out the information you require.

Emergency Cases

Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry call us.

Opening Hours

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