Specialized Packaging

Drugs can be liquid, solid, or gaseous, and packaging must meet the drug’s unique long-term storage requirements. Most medications were once only available in a liquid state. Pharmacists in hospitals distributed them, but solid dose forms that are more acceptable to patients have recently become increasingly widespread. Safe Hands Pharmacy provides you with special packaging to ensure that you receive the correct medication at all times.


Packaging for medications is strictly regulated at Safe Hands. These rules are in place to ensure the safety of the patient. Our pharmaceutical packaging protects the contents from contaminants. It plays a role in the distribution, dosage, and use of the drug it contains. The distribution of information on proper drug usage and warning labels is likewise regulated. A pharmaceutical product’s packaging is an essential component. Safe Hands Pharmacy offers to package tailored to the medical items’ exact specifications and sterilizing requirements to maintain their integrity while following medical guidelines.

Bar Code Blister Packing

Because there is no cure for messy handwriting on handwritten prescriptions, Safe Hands provides Bar Code Blister Packaging. Bar codes minimize human mistakes in dispensing and authenticating pharmaceuticals. Scanning the bar code can confirm the right drug and dosage by checking the bar code. When combined with bedside scanning of patient wristbands, the helper ensures that the appropriate patient receives the right drug in the correct dosage at the right time. Bar codes also contribute to lower healthcare expenses by allowing quick and accurate tracking and monitoring of medication inventory. The bar code is the starting point, and the bar code is created during the plate-making process.

Specially Designed

Medicines and equipment must be packaged in a specific method that protects their integrity and maintains an ideal shelf life to function effectively. The materials used in medical packaging are determined mainly by the contents. Their intended usage – injectables, life-saving liquids, and medicine that must be readily accessible will require special packaging. Safe hands use specifically designed packaging to safeguard the sterility of all pharmaceuticals and equipment.

Our Core Values

Safe Hands Pharmacy is dedicated to making a difference in the community. Safe Hands Pharmacy & Wellness Experts is a modernized pharmacy concept that sells pharmaceuticals following the highest industry standards. Here, we guarantee that everything our customers purchase is genuine. We’ll make sure that genuine medicines and wellness items are always available, that they’re kept inexpensive in perfect conditions and that knowledgeable, compassionate pharmacists provide them.


Our professional invoice staff will account for all claims. To ensure accuracy and prompt reimbursement, all billing is done online.


We package medications in one-time-use containers. All medicines are provided in sealed containers that allow for certain products to be refrigerated.


E-Kits are manufactured as a customized emergency supply of oral, injectable, IV, and refrigerated drugs following Title 22 standards.


Pharmacists verify orders, with medicine identification imprinted on the label and barcoding technology utilized to help prevent pharmaceutical errors.

Key Benifits

Safe Hands Pharmacy offers a wide range of services. Pharmaceutical services, custom E-kits, and expert clinical consultations are all attainable with us. We provide fair pricing and are dedicated to providing a higher level of service. Pharmacy services, medication recordkeeping, and ongoing education are all handled by us.

Tips Straight From Pharmacists

Security is something that every patient deserves, so don’t be scared to ask for it. There are private consultation places, and you can always contact us for consultation. You can also request that we handle your medications in a specific way. Ask why your doctor or pharmacist believes a drug is safe for you, as they are a far more credible source than the Internet. Make your health a priority and seek out the information you require.

Emergency Cases

Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry call us.

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